Nancy Neal Yeend

Nancy’s Resume [PDF]

photo-nancyNancy Neal Yeend has served as a mediator and dispute management specialist for over 25 years, focusing on three business areas: real estate, employment and partnership. Nancy works at all levels of conflict: pre-suite, trial and appellate.

Based on 16 years of brokerage experience, she mediates issues involving real estate contracts, condominium issues, leases, construction, zoning, and related matters.

Nancy applies real world experiences to help resolve a broad spectrum of employment issues including discrimination, ADA and Title VII matters, wrongful termination, and harassment.

Applying calm insight to disputes emanating from real estate, law or medical partnerships, enables Nancy to work effectively with individuals involved with emotionally charged issues.

nancy-overlapMediating disputes during the litigation process is an effective resolution strategy, when appropriate decisions are made regarding timing and preparation. Nancy’s years of experience helping counsel meet those challenges enable litigants to translate disputes into cost-effective settlements.

As a dispute management specialist, Nancy designs strategic plans to prevent or resolve issues at the earliest opportunity thus conserving resources.

Appellate mediation requires the mediator to possess skills for unlocking the settlement doors, where previously there appeared to be no key. With her extensive appellate mediation experience, creativity, insightful perspective, Nancy helps find settlements previously thought unachievable.