About Us

The Silicon Valley Mediation Group is an alliance of professionals, who bring years of experience, insight, and creativity to help clients resolve issues once considered intractable. Our long-time professional association enables us to provide the additional process of co-mediation for those special, very large, complex, or multiparty cases if required.

Carol Millie
Carol Webster Millie has been an attorney and ADR provider since 1977. Her experience resolving conflicts in business, industry and government, prior to, during and after litigation includes construction disputes, contracts, employment law, technology ownership contests, facilitation of decision-making in business units, and dissolution of partnerships.

Nancy Neal Yeend
Nancy Neal Yeend has served as a professional mediator and dispute management strategist for more than 30 years and brings a practical approach to dispute prevention and resolution. Her strong background in business benefits a wide variety of cases involving contracts, real estate, partnership, employment, copyright and related issues. She rated as an expert witness for mediator competency matters.

Ann Clarke
Ann Clarke joined Silicon Valley Mediation Group in 2013 as a mediator and environmental conflict resolution facilitator after a distinguished career in public service at the national, State, regional, and local levels. With a broad background in science, law, policy, and management and more than 30 years of real world experience, she is adept at facilitating resolution of complex matters involving multiple parties with diverse and often competing interests.